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Hooah LLC offers an extensive line of multidisciplinary services that deliberately bridge the gap between design and technology. Our marketing professionals, creative team, technologists, content developers, and subject matter experts are trained and knowledgeable in all aspects of interactive marketing, making our Agency, Innovation Labs and Production Studio the perfect combination of services for your marketing and technology needs. Our new thinking and visionary approach to marketing challenges has evolved from years of experience in taking innovative marketing ideas, executed through the use of customized implementation plans, and producing measurable ROI strategies. As a result, we deliver a higher degree of creativity and integration for our clients’ marketing and technology efforts, greater efficiency in production, clearly tangible results, and better measurability of their marketing investments.

Our portfolio of work includes well-known clients such as the Army National Guard, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, Orlando Utilities Commission, Disney, and the Orlando Magic. We support our clients with online marketing and branding initiatives, web innovation services, acquisition and retention strategies, public awareness campaigns, and lead generation efforts. To round things out, we employ proven project management practices, a keen sense for problem solving, second-to-none customer service, and responsible accounting and management practices.

Taken all together, Hooah is positioned to provide clients a truly relevant solution to fit their needs in this new era of interactive marketing communications, as we are a single provider of design, technology and content.

We invite you to learn more about how we work and why it can spell success for you. All you have to say is HOOAH!

Multi-Departmental Impact Study

Hooah takes a proactive approach at the start of a project in seeking out stakeholders and developing open lines of communication with our clients to ensure standards, policies and procedures are met. We help our clients facilitate positive relations and communication across departments so they can manage their projects smoothly and successfully.

Process Overview

  • Develop open lines of communication
  • Facilitate positive relations and communications
  • Take the intimidation factor out of large and complex projects

Brand and ROI strategy

To make the most efficient use of our client’s investment in technology, we perform a comprehensive Brand Analysis to ensure marketing goals and brand integrity are held to the highest standards in the course of the campaign. We also offer a Return on Investment (ROI) Analysis so that our clients’ projects have a clear path to measurability. We feel this is the best approach to enable our clients to achieve their marketing and investment goals.

Process Overview

  • Maintain a broad understanding of branding, marketing, and advertising
  • Offer Brand and Return on Investment (ROI) Analysis
  • Uphold marketing goals and brand integrity

Custom Implementation Plans

The ability of your marketing partner to adapt to your specific company structure and available resources is critical to the success of a project, and at Hooah we understand that these factors vary from client to client. Our Custom Implementation Plan minimizes the impact on your stakeholders’ time and schedules so that every stage of a project is executed efficiently and effectively.

Process Overview

  • Utilize unique project workflow
  • Ensure efficient and effective project milestone delivery

Path To Success Report

Upon completion of a campaign or project, Hooah provides a comprehensive report intended to help you evaluate and refine marketing processes, as well as identify areas where brand and ROI strategy implementation can be enhanced for stronger long-term results. Our Path to Success Report provides our clients a long-lasting residual benefit, even after their relationship with Hooah ends.

Process Overview

  • Evaluate and refine marketing process
  • Enhance brand and ROI strategy implementations
  • Retain long-lasting residual benefits

Our background empowers us to bridge the gap between the strategy, creative development, and execution of your marketing initiatives. Over the years, we have constantly pushed ourselves, perfecting our processes and mastering multiple disciplines. As a result, unlike many firms, we don’t outsource any work.

All creative and production deliverables are completed in-house. That’s why when our clients need to deploy critical marketing initiatives through a wide array of mediums, they trust us to get the job done. Our team provides more than a wide range of interactive communications solutions; we serve as an extension of your team, delivering new ideas, innovation, and strategies.


Our Agency group cultivates strategy, design, and implementation of branding, online advertising, and integrated marketing campaigns. We help our clients make sense of the changing technology landscape to achieve superior results.

  • Online Marketing Campaigns
  • Social Networking/Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Websites
  • Micro Sites and Landing Pages
  • Online Advertising/Linking
  • Marketing and Sales Automation
  • Interactive Promotions


We understand that following the trends is not always enough and that to stay competitive, change needs to happen. Through the use of technology, needs analysis, and a team full of ideas, our Innovation Labs group develops solutions that can redefine and improve the way our clients engage, manage, and retain customers.

  • Content Management Systems
  • Emerging Technologies Labs
  • Custom Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Web Hosting
  • Training
  • Technology Consultation
  • Social Application Development


A great story can propel your message beyond the boundaries that exist within budgets and demographical segments, revolutionizing your marketing strategy. By delivering the next evolution of interactive communications through the combination of online strategies and technological innovation, our Production Studio creates engaging, inspiring, persuasive video content for our clients.

  • Video Production
  • Pre- and Post-Production
  • 3D Animation
  • Stereoscopic 3D
  • Motion Graphics

Hooah has worked with government clients during our entire lifetime as a company, and as such, we bring this experience to the table with each new contract. Our skilled designers, strategists and account managers work together to provide innovative creative thinking, quality customer service, and meticulous attention to detail. We have put our talents to work for the Army National Guard, U.S. Navy, and Army Reserve, as well as for local government entities like the Orlando Utilities Commission. Our project experience for government clients includes website design and development, content management systems, custom web and mobile applications, and video production as well as marketing strategies, print and collateral, exhibit and trade show materials, event marketing efforts, merchandise design, and training materials.

With every task we undertake we are focused on creating a solution comprised of a compelling strategy, a customized implementation plan, and sound ROI results. We know that tight budgets and limited manpower mean that efficiency and cost savings are critical for success, and our collaborative, results-driven management approach has been proven effective through our success and the success of our clients. We look forward to continuing to partner with government clients and support the execution of their missions.

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Hooah LLC, does not have any IDIQ team mates, teaming will be evaluated at a task order level.

Quality control is a top priority at Hooah, and our procedures allow us to maintain maximum performance. Understanding that quality control is an integral part of everything we do, we have developed a comprehensive program that integrates the use of technology, software and internal processes. For every project we handle, our project managers monitor their assigned jobs from beginning to end, reviewing all deliverables, tracking progress, and troubleshooting when necessary.

We believe in testing at all branches or levels of our software products. We employ rigorous user acceptance testing and facilitate progressive client review meetings to maintain quality assurance and ensure a stable end product.

Our quality control program includes the following measures:

Contract Management

  • Contract Scope, Deliverables and Timelines
  • Multi-departmental Impact Study
  • Brand and Technology Strategy Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis
  • ROI and Measurability Strategy

Project Management

  • Custom Implementation Plan
  • Project Management System
  • Project Reviews and Validation
  • Version Review and Client Approval Plan
  • Script and Pre-production

Production Level

  • Documented Task Assignment
  • Security Access
  • Code Review
  • Workload Tracking
  • Time Tracking
  • Development Standards
  • Source Control
  • Issue and Bug Tracker
  • Testing Plan
  • Multiple Deployment Environments


  • Path to Success Report

Program Management and Customer Satisfaction Points of Contact

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